When Sick Calls Spike: Three Modern Flu-Proofing Tips For The Workplace

Keep it as clean as possible in the workplace to avoid the costly spread of infectious diseases through the ranks of your employees. Cutting costs and accepting lackluster efforts when it comes to flu-proofing your business is economic suicide. Instead, declare war on productivity-sapping germs. Take the following steps to increase your workplace defenses:

Research workplace hot spots

If you suffer seasonal gluts of phone calls from workers feverishly announcing they're calling in sick due to flu, colds, or food poisoning, pinpoint the dates with the highest rates of sickness. Assess workplace conditions including the climate, workplace cleanliness, and employee food sources at those times. 

If there are predictable spikes in sickness, address any issues in the workplace that contribute to increased viral or bacterial sickness among your staff. Are employees receiving flu shots? Are they washing their hands after receiving shipments or arriving from public transportation? Is there a proper disinfection procedure to follow when surfaces are contaminated?

The culprit responsible for a disease outbreak at work may be as simple as the break-room kitchen sink handle. Test all common surfaces during outbreaks if possible to learn the problem areas in your location. You and your janitorial staff can then work together to vigilantly protect your workers from infectious diseases.

Have a battle plan

Hire an Infection Officer or Infection Manager. This is your disinfection czar. The job description includes educating employees, developing testing and disinfection methods, documenting results, and working to decrease overall sick days in the workplace. The Infection Manager also ensures workers receive flu shots and develops protocols for emergency clean-up responses.

Hospitals face constant onslaughts of germs, so use some of their strategies to develop your own war on infection. Network with your industry peers to discover the resources and strategies they use to keep their workplaces safe.

Invest in hi-tech solutions

Your janitorial or cleaning service has access to innovative cleaning materials that are formulated to kill infectious germs on contact. Ask about their flu-season training and additional disinfection services.

Installing hand-disinfecting stations and passing out workspace wipes with doctor-recommended sanitizers are also modern methods to ward off mass illness. Busy workers may not always follow hand-washing rules, but sanitizers and disinfecting wipes are fast and easy for workers to make part of their daily routines.

You can also go for the UV solution with a room-disinfecting robot. This non-human workhorse sanitizes an entire space and kills germs without mess, smell, or additional employees present. 

Your cleaning company is a great source for information on unlikely problem areas to look for, including light switches, doorknobs, and elevator buttons. Win the war on illness by investing in thorough disinfecting services to increase productivity no matter what bugs are roaming around the office or factory.

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