How To Get Fresh Ice-Cream Off Your Carpet

With the return of warm weather comes the return of ice-cream. There is something about nice, warm weather that makes eating a nice bowl of ice-cream after dinner especially appealing. Although ice-cream is intended to be eaten, sometimes accidents happen. Here is what you need to do if you just dropped ice-cream all over your carpet and the ice-cream is still fresh.

#1 Scoop It Up

The first thing you need to do is use your spoon to scoop as much of the ice-cream that hit the carpet off the carpet as you can. In order to keep the ice-cream from melting and spreading, start on the outside edge of the spill, picking up the ice-cream as you make your way inward. 

Make sure that you are gently scooping the ice-cream off your carpet; do not push your spoon down aggressively into the carpet. You don't want to rub the ice-cream into the carpet fibers further than it already is.

#2 Sponge The Area With Water

Next, take a cloth and get it wet using cold water. Then, take the cloth and gently sponge the area where the ice-cream was spilt. This will help remove some of the ice-cream residue that has been left behind. Rinse out the cloth as it picks up residue, and blot the area with a dry cloth as you work so that you don't oversaturate the area with water.

#3 Follow Through With Dish Soap

Once you have removed as much ice-cream residue as you could using the method above, it is time to use some dish soap. In a container, mix together a squirt of dish soap along with some cold water. Dip your rag into the dish soap solution, and blot the area gently again. The dish soap will help pick up the remaining ice-cream residue. Remember to blot the area with a dry cloth as you work as well; this will remove excess water and help remove the stain as well. 

#3 Use Ammonia For Stubborn Stains

Most fresh ice-cream mishaps should be removed from your carpet using the above method. If you still have ice-cream on your carpet though, you may want to use an ammonia solution to get rid of it. Mix a tablespoon of ammonia with two cups of cold water. Then test the solution on an area of your carpet that is hidden or often covered up to make sure that this solution does not damage your carpet; keep an eye out for discoloration.

If the solution seems to do no harm to your carpet, use it on the stain. Sponge the solution onto the ice-cream stain, and pat the area dry with a rag. This should pull out and remove any coloring that was left behind by the ice cream.

Finally, vacuum the area to help loosen up the carpet fibers where you spilled the ice-cream. For more assistance removing stains from your carpet, consider contacting a carpet cleaning company like Hamilton Ontario Cleaning Systems.