How To De-Odorize Your Business Fridge

Business refrigerators often work on a community principle, meaning dozens of people may use them. As a result, they often start to stink rather quickly. Utilize this simple cleaning process to keep the odors out and to avoid annoying co-workers and potential customers.

Assess The Food In The Fridge

Start by checking out the food in the fridge to decide what can be thrown away. Business refrigerators contain food from many people and few are going to be keeping track of what's inside. Check for and eliminate the following types of food:

  • Open cans of food
  • Any food that isn't labeled
  • Food you know has been in the fridge longer than a few days
  • Freezer-burned food

Once you've thrown away these food items, you need to store the rest of the food in a different fridge (perhaps in another area of the office) or in an iced cooler. This food needs to be out of the way while you clean the rest of the fridge.

Cleaning Stains

Once you or another co-worker has stored the fridge's food, you need to remove stains. Fridge stains are usually made up of old food, and as it rots, it contributes to the stench in the fridge. Completely eliminate stains from your refrigerator using this simple method:

  • Remove all food drawers and shelves
  • Inspect each for stains
  • Wash each down with a sponge soaked in hot water and a mild dish washing soap
  • Scrub stains to break them up as much as possible
  • Use new sponges as old ones get dirty
  • Spread hydrogen peroxide on harder stains with another rag
  • Scrub hard to break up the stains
  • Rinse again with a rag soaked in warm water

De-Ice The Freezer And Let The Fridge Air Out

After you've broken apart the stains in your fridge, it's time to de-ice the freezer and air out the fridge area. Simply open both doors and unplug the unit: place towels on the floor at the base of your fridge to absorb any melting water from your freezer. There is a dual-purpose for this process.

First of all, you are getting rid of any clumps of ice or freezer-burned food that may contribute to the odor around the fridge. Second, you are allowing the harsher odors of the stains to air out a little, although you're likely going to need a more aggressive scent remover to completely get rid of them.

Eliminate Scents

After you've defrosted your fridge, it's time to make sure you eliminate any odors your co-worker's neglect may have caused. Start by putting a box of baking soda in the back: this old-school method helps absorb much of the odor, but is mostly useful as a "long-term" solution. If your office fridge still smells, you're going to need to try something a little harder.

Why not combine baking soda with dried lavender strands in a sugar shaker? Simply fill most of the shaker with baking soda and then lay a couple of lavender strands on top. This simple and all-natural odor-eliminator can be sprinkled on the shelves throughout your fridge.

Once you've sprinkled the powder, close the fridge door, let it sit for an hour or two, and open. The fresh scent of lavender should have replaced any disgusting odor. Wipe off the powder with a wet wash rag and store the rest elsewhere for later use.

Now that you've cleaned out the employee fridge, you should set up a cleaning schedule and rules that ensures it never gets to a nasty state again. However, if your fridge simply refuses to let go of its odor, call a commercial cleaning company, such as Lunas Janitorial Service, for more information.