Professional Carpet Cleaning Services During Rental Turnover

Whether you're a new landlord or a seasoned pro, you know that when a tenant moves out some things will need to be done to your unit. This turnover period is a perfect time to do things that would normally be hard on a tenant, such as painting walls, updating electrical, or having the carpets cleaned. Cleaning the carpets is particularly good to do because it can extend your carpet's life and save you money on replacement costs. Here are some advantages and thoughts to consider when hiring professional carpet cleaning services for your rental during tenant turnover.       

Deep Cleaning is Good for Carpets

Perhaps the biggest advantage to having carpets professionally cleaned is extending the life of the carpet. But deep cleaning also removes pollutants that can reduce the air quality in the entire house. Hair, bacteria, pollen, and pollutants can get trapped in the carpet fibers and contribute to mold growth. Vacuuming can only go so far in combating this, so it's good to have the carpets professionally cleaned. 

Find and Keep a Good Company

Professional carpet cleaning companies are all over the place. You need to find a reliable and well-priced option for your area. If they are just a day late on performing services, that can really put you in a bad place as a landlord. You may need to rearrange schedules or offer temporary housing for an incoming tenant in this situation. Once you find a good company, do whatever you can to keep them. Make sure to tell them how many units you have and that they will get future business if the job is done right and on time. 

Don't Go Too Long Between Cleanings

Although cleaning during turnover time is ideal, sometimes you can't wait that long. Carpet under normal traffic should be cleaned once every 12 to 18 months. Cleaning it more often than this can lead to undue wear and tear on the floor, but cleaning is less often will reduce its lifespan. Keep good records on your units to make sure you know how long it's been. Many times a carpet that needs professional cleaning may not appear dirty to the naked eye. 

Time is Money

Every day your unit isn't rented you are losing money. Carpet cleaning needs to be done quickly, but properly. A good crew can get an entire unit cleaned in just a couple hours, but you also need to factor in some time to let the carpet dry. If you are really in a time crunch, rent some carpet fans to expedite the drying process. If at all possible, have the carpets cleaned in the summer when temperatures are higher outside.

Clean carpets can go a long way in maintaining and attracting tenants. And regular deep cleaning will save you time and money because your carpets will last much longer than if they had been left alone.