Cleaning Pet Messes Off Of Your Furniture: Upholstery Cleaning Tips You Need

Having pets in the house means you usually have to clean up after them. Sometimes it is easy--you only have to vacuum pet hair off the furniture. At other times, Fido has decided that your favorite spot to sit is also his or her favorite spot to poo. Cats, too, are notorious for urinating on chair and sofa cushions, especially if they cannot find a clean litter box or feel like they have competition for its use. If you ever want to sit comfortably (and without pet mess smells!) on your furniture again, here are some helpful tips for upholstery cleaning that works.

Pick Up and Blot--Do Not Smear

It goes without saying that you should always blot the spot where Fluffy or Fido did their duty and not smear it around. From start to finish, here is how to clean your cushions:

  • "Number Two" jobs should be picked up carefully with gloved hands, bagged, and thrown in the trash outside to avoid smells inside.
  • Next, use a disposable puppy piddle pad to gently blot the urine or any remaining liquid feces. Do not push on the spot unless you want to imbed the contents and smell into the foam cushion part of the seat.
  • If possible, remove the cushion cover, spray it with a pet mess cleaner, and wash it all by itself in your washing machine.
  • With the foam cushion exposed, spray the messed area with a pet mess cleaner, preferably one that destroys pet pheromones so your pet does not seek out this spot for potty time again.
  • Gently rub the cleaner in a circular motion, from the outside of the spot inwards toward the center. This helps keep the remainder of the mess from spreading. 
  • Rinse the foam cushion thoroughly and allow it to air dry before placing the cover back on and replacing it on your sofa or chair.

Getting Urine Out of Arm Rests or the Sides of the Furniture

Pets will urinate just about anywhere if they are scared, nervous, anxious, marking territory or just cannot hold it anymore. If your dog or cat "piddles" on the sides of your furniture, on the arm rests or down the back of the furniture where you cannot remove the cloth and stuffing to clean it, then you will have to buy a professional upholstery cleaner and pet deterrent to take care of the job. Be very thorough with the cleaning and pet deterrents, as the slightest urine smell will coax your pet back to that spot to potty again. If you are having a really difficult time of cleaning the furniture and keeping your pets from using what you sit on as their own personal toilets, then hire a professional cleaning service, like Coastal Cleaners Upholstery Cleaning, to eliminate the problem.