Benefits Of Sandblasting

You may be familiar with power washing, using a high powered device that shoots water onto different surfaces in order to clean it or strip it. Sandblasting is a similar technique, though it is also very different. You can use sandblasting to reuse old materials or simply clean up new ones. Below are the benefits of sandblasting:

Diversity of Materials

Sandblasting is a very versatile technique that can be used on a number of materials, giving you a lot options with just one blaster. That is because it propels high velocity pieces of various materials such as sand or even steel grit to clean or strip the target surface. The compressor provides the power for the air while the nozzle condenses it. This means you can actually be effective against pipes and walls, among other stronger materials.


Sandblasting is a fantastic method for preparing a surface for a fresh coat of paint. You can eliminate the old coat, leaving a perfectly smooth surface behind.

Great with Grease

If you work in an industry in which gunk and other buildup is common, you will love sandblasting. It cuts right through the annoying, nasty stuff like car grease, kitchen residue, and built up soot.

Healthy Pipes

Plumbers especially can get a lot value out of sandblasting. When rust and corrosion build up on pipes, it is often a sign that more problems are to come if the problem is not corrected. Luckily, the rust can be stopped from spreading, which is especially useful if the pipe is separated into an interior section and exterior section that people will see.

Saves Time

Perhaps obvious by now, sandblasting can save you a lot of time. It cuts down on the prep needed and the total number of items needed to get the job done.


Who doesn't love saving money? Think about it - with such an efficient manner of removing gunk and cleaning up old surfaces, you won't need the one or two extra hands as usual, saving on labor costs in a big way.

Sandblasting is a lot like power washing. At the end of the day, the purpose is the same: to clean old surfaces and prepare them for new use or a new look. However, sandblasting is advantageous in many situations. It can be used with many materials, it is very powerful, and it is fast. If you need a sandblasting project done, visit Paint Removal by BlastAll Power Washing.