5 Carpet Cleaning Tips After Dealing With A Flea Infestation

If your pets have had fleas recently, it's likely that some fleas or eggs have dropped onto your carpeting. Not only can this lead to you receiving flea bites, it can also make your home dirty and even lead to further infestations with your pets. While ridding the carpeting of fleas can be a challenge, it is possible with the help of a few tips for carpet cleaning.

Vacuum All of Your Carpeting Thoroughly

The first thing you'll want to do when you've gotten rid of fleas on your cat or dog is vacuum your carpeting. Instead of doing a simple run through your carpet, make sure to take your time and focus on each room at a time, including the corners so that any leftovers from fleas are picked up.

Try Flea Control Powder for Carpet

Along with simply vacuuming, you may want to try a flea control powder. Sprinkling this type of powder on the carpeting and following up with a thorough vacuuming can make all the difference in removing fleas and the debris associated with them. It can also be an effective way to stop fleas from reoccurring due to eggs in the carpeting.

Rent or Buy a Steam Cleaning Machine

Just regular vacuuming may not be enough to give your carpeting a thorough clean, making it a good idea to use a powerful steam cleaning machine. With the high cost of these machines, it might be a better option to simply rent one instead. Professional help can also be a good idea for steam cleaning an entire house after a flea infestation.

Give Any Rugs a Deep Cleaning

Along with cleaning the carpeting in your home, you'll want to make sure that you clean any rugs. Hallway runners and area rugs should be given a deep clean so that fleas don't jump from them onto your carpeting.

Stay Diligent with Flea Prevention

To keep your carpeting as clean as possible after taking care of fleas, it's important to follow up with proper flea prevention. Giving your pets flea treatments and vacuuming regularly will help ensure that fleas won't become a major problem again.

By taking care of your carpets after you've gotten rid of fleas on your pets, you can feel confident that your home remains clean and that your carpets aren't damaged. With the right steps for carpet cleaning, a serious flea infestation won't leave any lasting effects on your carpeting. 

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