Three Tips For Avoiding Damage To Your Washing Machine While You Clean A Rented Work Uniform

While a heavy and durable set of work clothes is a great thing to have in any labor-intensive job, effective cleaning can be challenging. Since an ordinary washing machine isn't particularly good at washing leather gloves and a work suit that's completely covered in oil, grease, and other gunk, you need to be careful. Read these three tips if you want to minimize the chance of damaging your washing machine while you clean a rented work uniform.

Before Washing, Make Sure That The Zippers On A Work Suit Aren't Stuck

Partially open zippers are a constant danger to washing machines. This is because a zipper can catch onto jagged metal edges and cause the piece of clothing it's on to hug one side of a washing machine's interior. If any of the fabric from clothing gets into a crevice between your washing machine's interior and its door, the door will break and you'll have to go through a frustrating repair process.

Zippers on a heavy work suit are especially dangerous because they're often larger than normal. Before putting a work suit into your washing machine, make sure that all the zippers on it are closed.

If the work uniform you picked up from a rental business has a zipper stuck in the open position, promptly return it and get a new one. Don't try to wash it and risk damaging your washing machine.

Remove As Much Oil From Leather Gloves As You Can Before Washing Them In A Machine

While leather often comes out of a washing machine looking darker than it's supposed to, this shouldn't be a problem with utilitarian work gloves. The problem with washing work gloves that are used in physical work like automotive repair is that they tend to have enough oil on them to seriously damage a washing machine.

Give the work gloves that came with your work uniform a thorough wash in the sink to remove as much oil and other hazardous chemicals as you can. Only then can you be confident that ordinary stains will be picked up by your washing machine without causing undue risk to the appliance.

If a few very hardened stains remain on your gloves after you take them out of the washing machine, there's no reason to worry. As long as the stains aren't large or distracting enough to interfere with your normal working routine, it's fine to leave a uniform rental business's industrial-strength washing machine to finish the job after you return your work uniform.

Avoid Putting Too Much Weight In Your Washing Machine At Once

Even if you're using very strong detergent and bleach, there's still a chance that some of your other clothes will pick up residual grease from work clothing that's seen a lot of use. Additionally, stuffing dirty and heavy work clothes together with a normal laundry load will mean that your washing machine will have to operate with an excessive amount of weight in it. Over time, this will drastically reduce the endurance of the delicate parts in your washing machine that produce movement.

So even if the rented work clothes that need cleaning aren't the filthiest they've ever been, always machine wash them separately from normal laundry.

It doesn't take a genius to reduce the risk of a serious washing machine malfunction. As long you're cognizant of the special problems that your rented work clothes present, there's a very good chance that your washing machine will have a long and productive life.

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