Get This Information Before Having Your Wedding Gown Dry Cleaned

The average cost of a wedding dress is $1,505, which pushes this article of clothing into the rank of most priciest. Therefore, getting dry cleaning for your wedding gown can come with a bit of hesitation. Brides may be interested in preserving and cleaning their dress after their big day is over, or even having a second-hand gown freshened after its last owner. No matter the circumstances, there are a few things to find out before you send your dress off to the cleaners. 


The very first step to having a wedding gown cleaned is meeting with the professional who will be taking on this huge task. A quality cleaning service should offer to examine your dress before providing you with a quote. He or she will want to look at intricate beading, fabric details, as well as any staining. Your cleaner will also want to speak with you about your goals for the dress---preservation, gentle cleaning from the previous owner, alterations or whatever the case. Finally, you will want to get some important information concerning their policies.


Since wedding gowns are such a costly investment, it makes perfect sense that you will be skeptical about handing it off to a cleaner. Most professionals understand brides' skepticism and work to give them peace of mind. This can include describing their specific store policies. Ask these questions to feel more comfortable about the process:

  • What will happen if the dress is damaged under their care?
  • Is there a warranty that promises to pay for damages?
  • Will you be reimbursed if you are not satisfied with the cleaning?
  • Will the cleaner be doing the job or will they be sending the dress to a larger, third-party cleaner?
  • What kind of solvents will be used in the cleaning process?

Getting the answers to these questions (and getting everything in writing) should equip you with the information you need to proceed with having your gown cleaned.


A final step before handing your wedding dress off to the dry cleaning service is to inquire about the time it will take to finish. This can be just as important to you as a bride as those policies mentioned above. If it is a second-hand dress purchased from a consignment shop, you may need it back in time for your own wedding. Find out the general timeline for cleaning, and if you need to pay extra for rushed service. A good rule of thumb is to aim for the dress to be back in your possession at least a month before your wedding. This way you can adequately prepare if further alterations or other services are needed. 

After taking these important steps, you will feel much more confident about leaving your wedding gown with a professional cleaning service like Perth's