4 Parkade Maintenance And Cleaning Routines That Will Help Keep Your Parking Facilities Clean And Like New

If you want to make sure your parking facilities are clean and look new, it is important to do the routine maintenance that needs to be done. Since the environment of a parking facility can also lead to wear and damage, there are some unique needs for cleaning parking lots and other parking facilities. The following parkade maintenance and cleaning routines will help keep your parking facilities clean and looking like new:

Get The Asbestos Removed From Your Property After It Tested Positive For Asbestos

If you have recently discovered through asbestos testing that your property has materials made from asbestos, you will want to do all that you can in order to get all of it removed from your property. You will want to avoid making the mistake of assuming that this is something that you can put off until a much later time. To help you better understand why this is a task that needs to be done soon after the asbestos testing, you will want to keep reading.

When Sick Calls Spike: Three Modern Flu-Proofing Tips For The Workplace

Keep it as clean as possible in the workplace to avoid the costly spread of infectious diseases through the ranks of your employees. Cutting costs and accepting lackluster efforts when it comes to flu-proofing your business is economic suicide. Instead, declare war on productivity-sapping germs. Take the following steps to increase your workplace defenses: Research workplace hot spots If you suffer seasonal gluts of phone calls from workers feverishly announcing they're calling in sick due to flu, colds, or food poisoning, pinpoint the dates with the highest rates of sickness.

How To Get Fresh Ice-Cream Off Your Carpet

With the return of warm weather comes the return of ice-cream. There is something about nice, warm weather that makes eating a nice bowl of ice-cream after dinner especially appealing. Although ice-cream is intended to be eaten, sometimes accidents happen. Here is what you need to do if you just dropped ice-cream all over your carpet and the ice-cream is still fresh. #1 Scoop It Up The first thing you need to do is use your spoon to scoop as much of the ice-cream that hit the carpet off the carpet as you can.

Keeping The Office Clean During Spring

Spring is a time of year where temperatures begin to warm up and people start spending more time outside. Spring also marks the start of allergy season for many parts of Canada. With around 25 percent of Canadians suffering from hay fever, keeping areas pollen free during these months is very important. It's especially important for businesses to reduce allergens inside their offices during these months. Not only does it make customers more comfortable, it can also increase employee productivity and prevent allergy related sick days.